glovegpscloseup-sm.jpgKushitani Leather Gloves are made of the following materials:

K-Foam The main purpose of a leather suit is to add high protection to your body. K-Foam is a shock absorbent material developed by Kushitani, which is made by special acrylic emulsion. It has memory, which gives 100% restoration, is durable and molds to your body shape through the natural body temperature. The shock absorbing foam is built into vital body sections of the kushitani motorcycle suits, gloves and products including the shoulders, elbows and hip areas.

Kushitani Leather-all of our racing suits are model from Holstein leather which comes from cows bred in Japan specifically for kushitani. That's how we get the leather so smooth and supple yet EXTREMELY strong. All the" bad section" of the hide are out off and only the best parts are used to make all Kushitani motorcycle products, In fact only about 60% of hide is used to from 1 1/2 Japanese cows


ZYLON has excellent performance, in such properties as creep, chemical resistance, cut/abrasion resistance, and high temperature abrasion resistance, which far exceed all other fibers. It is 5 times stronger than carbon fiber, and 7 times stronger than Kevlar.