Leather Jackets


What makes Kushitani motorcycle leather jackets so soft, comfortable and protective? It starts in the leather selection, then the construction of the garment. Leather as a raw material, is about species of an animals, cowhide, deer, kangaroo, etc and if you make a wrong choice of the raw material, results could be not to expectations. Kushitani uses cowhide for the most of our products, There are different types of cowhide and according to the products. we select the appropriate type.

is another critical part of our motorcycle leather jackets. When sewing the base of the sleeve, the distance differs between the inside and the outside, other manufactures may force the panels together  but this isn't the best Technique. We take extra steps to cut carefully and mold the leather so that we do not bind it up the leather and put meaningless stress. Our motorcycle leather jackets h

ave the perfect fit, always!

CE protector for jacket installation that cleared CE standards (LEVEL2). Material ●: Polyurethane ● Color: Black ● Size: Free MATERIAL ●: POLYURETHANE ● COLOR: BLACK ● SIZE: FREE