Ilmberger Carbon valve cover

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Coming Soon.
bmw-r9t-racer-carbon-39-1.jpgWe happy to bring you special Ilmberger Carbon made to order from Germany. We will list some of the products they are currently are producing for the BMW R9t series which includes the Racer and basic model like the Pure.
Belly pan, side value covers, underseat cover and front fairing.

Stock wind screen can be used on the faring or upgraded to Gustafsson screens out of Florida or Puig from Spain.
These parts will be made to order standard shipping time will be 2-3 weeks from Germany.

In the mean time watch video of a 4 part series were producing.


 PLEASE TAKE NOTE: We are providing this product for our USA customers only we can not send overseas.
International customers can contact Ilmberger direct at