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1- Daily Maintenance
For dust and light dirt acquired after your wear, you can simply wipe with a soft cloth. For dirt acquired by friction or oil, please use a leather cleaner. Also for spot cleaning, you can use a high quality pencil eraser and lightly rub the area. As part of your daily maintenance, light coating of leather oil would be recommended. Constant oiling of the leather is a sure way to keep them in good condition.

2- In Case of Getting Wet

Using a towel or other absorbent cloth, wipe off the excess water in a slapping motion. Wipe all dirt off and hang to dry in the shade with some breeze. At this time, never let the leather come in contact with heat or attempt to iron it. Sudden contact with heat will harden and shrink the leather, making it impossible to bring back the true quality. When the leather is almost dry, rub it down with plenty of leather oil. After the leather has dried fully, rub the areas that may have hardened and finish up with a light coat of leather oil.

3- In case You Spill Stainable Substance
Pat dry immediately with an absorbent cloth. Never rub the area since this may cause the stain to penetrate deeper into the leather. In case the leather becomes stained, please contact the nearest KUSHITANI dealer. Also, please don't use benzene or paint thinner.

4- If Your Leather Becomes Molded
It is best to avoid mold by keeping your leather from highly humid conditions, but in case it does get molded, use a damp cloth to wipe lightly. Please use a toothbrush to dust off the seams and zippered areas. As with wiping off stains, don't ever rub in the areas since this may cause penetration of the mold into the leather.

5- Preservation of Your Leather
First of all, leather wear may change shape and become moldy from being kept in highly humid conditions; Please try to avoid humidity. First, hang to dry in the shade and remove all trace of dirt by dusting with a dry cloth. Next, thinly apply leather cleaner and hang dry again. If you wish to store leather in a box, use old newspaper rolled into the shoulder and chest area to keep its original shape. If you wish to store by hanging, please use a thick type of hanger so that the shoulders won't loose its shape. Now if you are storing your leather during humid season, take is out once to hang dry.

6- Cleaning
It's best to limit cleaning to the least since it leads to loss of color and oil on the leather. Please be especially careful with leathers with strong color contrast, leathers with other fiber combination and oiled leather. Also each type of leather may have different cleaning methods so it's best to consult with the nearest KUSHITANI dealer.

6- Cleaning Products 
We have assorted products from Pecard Leather Care that you can purchase in our shop or you can go directly to www.pecard.com. Look towards the bottom of the their page. Kushitani leathers.