Kushitani EX 413 Leather Country Jeans Black only.

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When water penetrates the surface of then leather, the natural oils from leather will dry out, become stiff, brittle, and eventually mold and odor. KUSHITANI's Country Jeans are truly waterproof, soaked in flouride prior to dyeing, therefore no necessary maintenance to keep beside the occasional wash! You can even wash EX Jeans in a hand washable, hang to dry, its that easy.

EX jeans will not keep you completely dry, due to seams or perforation. However, waterproof leather will not get soaked and heavy through either rain or the rider's perspiration.
Note: Good between 45F to 90F

Explorer Jeans can be washed at home. When using a washing machine, fill the washing tub with lukewarm water, dissolve the detergent and stir well, and then add the product. Note that due to the nature of the material, direct contact with detergent may cause discoloration. (Please rinse thoroughly.) Detergent “Liquid Soap” is recommended for use. Rotate the washing machine for 2 to 3 minutes and leave it for about 10 minutes for the solvent to penetrate and be effective.

 Available in perforated and non-perforated..





Materials and features:

  • Hostien Waterproof Leather.
  • Pockets for knee armor
  • Zylon stitching
  • 5 pocket classic design.